LG HU915QB Review

The HU915QB is one of two projectors added to LG’s CineBeam line in 2022, and it brings together the company’s top A/V technology into a convenient package. This includes an ultra-short throw lens, powerful lamp, and built-in streaming and speakers, along with an impressively high image quality with features like super resolution upscaling. If you’re looking for a new way to bring big-screen entertainment to your home, this LG HU915QB review lays out the full details of this model so you can decide if it fits your needs (>>> Find on Amazon).

LG HU915QB Review of Main Specs:

Resolution 3840x2160
Contrast 2,000,000:1
Brightness (Lumens) 3,000 ANSI
Throw Distance 1.2' - 1.7'
Screen size 90" - 120"
Speakers 20.0 Watts × 2
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Room Requirements and Installation

The LG HU915QB can turn just about any indoor space into a home theater. Its laser phosphor light source puts out a consistent 3,000 lumens of brightness, plenty to cut through the ambient light in even well-lit indoor spaces. While you may still need to cover large windows for daytime viewing, it won’t require any drastic light control measures.

The CineBeam HU915QB is equally flexible when it comes to the size of the space. With its ultra-short throw, it only needs around 17 inches between the lens and screen to produce a 100-inch image. You don’t need to install it head-on to the screen, either, thanks to the robust 2D keystone and edge correction. Users have the choice of 4-, 9-, or 15-point anti-warp correction, making it a quick and easy process to square the image geometry.

Picture Quality

The native 4K resolution of the LG HU915QB is just the start of its impressive image quality. It doesn’t just produce the full detail of an Ultra HD display, but it also has Super Resolution upscaling that further enhances 4K content, making it look even better than its original form.

The other image technology of the HU915QB matches this impressive resolution. It has a high image contrast with exceptional image depth and rich black levels, further enhanced by its Brightness Optimizer and adaptive contrast. For color, the 3-channel laser and support for HLG and HDR10 ensures accurate and realistic hues, with full coverage of the professional cinema DCI-P3 spectrum. TruMotion technology keeps fast-paced sequences smooth and blur-free, making it equally suitable for sports and action flicks as it is for other types of content.

The only content that won’t look its best on the LG HU915QB is content in 3D. There is no 3D support on this projector, which is a bit of a disappointment considering the price point.


  • Native 4K resolution with super-resolution upscaling
  • Smooth action sequences with TruMotion
  • Bright enough lamp for most indoor spaces
  • Ultra-short throw distance with anti-warp correction
  • Full coverage of DCI-P3 color spectrum
  • Loud, high-quality built-in speakers
  • Streaming interface with voice control


  • High price
  • No 3D capability

Streaming and Smart Features

Like other projector’s in LG’s CineBeam line, the HU915QB uses their ThinQ AI interface and includes a Magic Remote to navigate it. This gives it built-in voice recognition as well as streaming capability from major platforms like Netflix, Disney+, and many more. The LG Smart TV interface also includes a web browser and access to an app store so you can find your favorite streaming platform and other home theater apps.

The LG HU915QB also supports a range of third-party smart features. It works with Amazon Alexa voice control without the need for external devices. Apple device users will appreciate the support for AirPlay 2, allowing them to stream content or mirror shows and movies wirelessly from their phone or tablet.


LG HU915QB connections

A 2.2-channel, 40-watt sound system is built right in to the LG HU915QB. While this doesn’t quite produce a full surround sound effect, the sound is well-balanced with a full bass and clear mid-range and puts out plenty of volume to fill your room and give you an immersive sound to match the image quality.

If you’d rather use external speakers, the LG HU915QB makes that easy, too. It supports wireless speaker connection through Bluetooth, with an AV Sync Adjustment to ensure the sound and image align seamlessly. The rear connection panel also has an optical audio out for cabled speaker connections.

The Verdict: LG HU915QB Review

The LG HU915QB doesn’t come cheap, and it may be outside the budget range for some buyers. The lack of 3D support may also be a deal-breaker for buyers who want a projector that can provide a full movie theater experience.

These concerns aside, however, the HU915QB is an impressive projector on all fronts (>>> Check on ProjectorScreen). It’s versatile, easy to install, and has a phenomenal picture quality, even compared to other native 4K displays. We hope this review has helped you decide if it’s the right projector for your home theater.