Privacy Policy

By using, you consent to us Processing your Personal Data as described in the Privacy Policy below. guarantees the privacy of all users will be safeguarded. If you’re at all concerned about how we use your Personal Data, please contact us. We’re happy to answer any questions.

Definition of Terms:

Data Subject: Any person whose Personal Data may be Processed by us.

Personal Data: Information related to any identifiable individual.

Processing: Any action taken with or operation performed on Personal Data.


What Data We Collect:

1) Any information the Data Subject provides.

This could include data such as the subject’s name, physical address, or e-mail address. This information is collected only in order to deliver products and services or to enhance the user experience. Information is saved to allow you to more efficiently perform actions on the website and is not shared with third parties.

2) Any information that is automatically collected.

This website uses cookies and similar technology that allows us to analyze the behavior and movements of visitors. We use these tools so we can provide a better customer experience. Cookies are stored on your own computer. If you’re concerned about automatic data collection you can turn off cookies in your browser without impacting your experience on the site.

Only can access cookies created by our website. That being said, we may use third-party services to track and analyze this information. These are trusted services, including Google Analytics; you can review their Privacy Policy if you’re concerned about their information use.

3) Technical data.

This information is collected to ensure all visitors are able to effectively navigate the site. It includes the IP address of your device, the specifications of your platform and operating system, and log-in information including time zone, browser type, and plug-in use. We also collect information related to your visit, such as the URLs viewed on the site, how you reached the site, and where you went after.

How we Use Collected Data:

The Personal Data collected by this website is used only to facilitate and improve the user’s experience. This may include:

  • Personalizing the user experience by creating an account or delivering tailored content and offers
  • Sending you information that you have requested or demonstrated an interest in
  • Sending newsletters or curated partner offers with user consent
  • Modifying the website to better serve customer needs or enhance the user experience
  • Managing communication between the website and the user

Personal information may also be gathered and/or used on the site, either by the website or by the user, in the following ways:

1) User comments.

When a comment is left on, the IP address and browser agent string of the user are verified to help us detect and prevent spam. If you use the Gravatar service, a hash will be provided to them to access your information. You can see Gravatar’s privacy policy here.

2) Contact and subscription forms.

If you have provided us with your information on a form, we will use this to get in touch with you. Information that is submitted on a contact form will not be saved, nor will it be used for advertising purposes or shared with any third parties.

3) Advertising.

This website uses advertising services, including Amazon Advertising and Google AdSense. These third-party vendors make use of cookies to better personalize the advertisements displayed on our site. This may include information on general demographics of users, as well as user behavior like clicks and impressions. If you would like to opt out of third-party cookies, you can do so through your browser.

We will ask for your consent before using Personal Data in any way not specifically mentioned in this privacy policy.

Our Data Protection Principles:

In our dedication to ensuring the privacy of our users, we promise that we will adhere to the following principles:

  • To process all data in a fair, lawful, and transparent way
  • To always provide users with information about how their data is processed on request
  • To limit data processing to the purposes stated in this privacy policy
  • To process only the data that is necessary for the stated purpose
  • To store data only as long as is required for the stated purpose
  • To ensure the confidentiality and accuracy of all collected data to the best of our ability

Embedded Content and Third Parties:

Some articles posted on this site might use embedded images, videos, or other content. Interacting with embedded content is equivalent to visiting that website in terms of data collection. These embedded sites may use cookies or third-party tracking to collect data and monitor your behavior.

Any third-party whose content is embedded on our site has been vetted and verified as trusted. The same is true of any offers or promotions from third-party providers that are advertised or featured on our site. has no liability or responsibility for content provided by third-parties on our website. Having said that, we do strive to maintain our site’s integrity, and welcome any feedback or comments related to third-party content accessed or viewed through our site.