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Epson Introduces the PowerLite 815E

Epson Introduces the PowerLite 815E: A New Addition to Its Extreme Short Throw Laser Display Lineup Last week, Epson unveiled the PowerLite 815E, shortly after...

An In-Depth Guide: How to Test If a Projector Lamp Is...

How To Hang A Projector Screen From Ceiling?

How To Connect Projector To Laptop Without VGA Port

How To Hang A Projector Screen From Ceiling?

Understanding Projector Screens and Their Installation Mounting a projector screen from the ceiling is an effective way of utilizing the space in your viewing room, but it can pose some challenges. The installation process requires precision and consideration of many factors, from the screen size to the projector's throw distance....

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Optoma CinemaX D2 vs. P2 comparison by ProjectorTop

Optoma CinemaX D2 vs. P2 Projector Comparison

From the outside, the Optoma CinemaX D2 and P2 look identical. While they’re from the same line, and do share many strengths, there are notable differences between these two projectors, and each will be the best choice for a specific type of home theater owner. There’s no clear winner across...

Gray vs White Projector Screen: Which One’s Right for You?

If you’re new to projectors, you probably think all screens are just about the same and the projector itself determines the quality of the image. While it’s true the projector is the most important part of the equation, what kind of surface you’re projecting the image onto will also...


JVC RS 400 Review

JVC RS 400 review