Optoma UHZ66 Review: The Ultimate Gamer’s Projector?

Dive into our comprehensive review of the Optoma UHZ66, a projector that promises to elevate your viewing experience with its 4K UHD capabilities. In this review, we’ll dissect its features, performance, and overall value to help you decide if it’s the right choice for your home theater or gaming setup. Join us as we uncover the strengths and limitations of the Optoma UHZ66.

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In This UHZ66 Review:

Overall Score:

68 points

Unboxing the Optoma UHZ66, you’re immediately greeted with its sleek, modern design, exclusively available in a sophisticated white finish that effortlessly complements any setting, from a cozy home theater to a professional boardroom. The projector’s lightweight feel is striking, offering a pleasant contrast to its powerful capabilities. Its compact size, at 4.49 inches in height, 10.79 inches in width, and 8.50 inches in depth, and weighing just 6.6 pounds, highlights its portability, making it easy to move and set up anywhere you need.

Installation and Connectivity

the Optoma UHZ66 shines with its user-friendly setup and versatile connection options. Its manual 1.6x zoom and focus lens allow for easy adjustment to get the perfect picture size and clarity, even in the most challenging spaces. With a throw ratio of 1.40:1 to 2.24:1, it accommodates a wide range of room sizes, projecting a 100″ diagonal image from just 10’2″ to 16’3″ away. The inclusion of both horizontal and vertical digital keystone correction further simplifies setup, ensuring a perfectly proportioned image even when the projector is placed at an angle.

In terms of connectivity, the UHZ66 is equipped to handle a variety of devices and networks. Dual HDMI 2.0 ports offer high-quality, 4K input, while the RJ-45 and RS232 ports facilitate network management and integration into home automation systems like Crestron RoomView™. The USB port adds convenience for media playback or powering streaming devices, making it a highly adaptable projector for both entertainment and professional use. Whether you’re setting up for a movie night or a corporate presentation, the UHZ66 provides a seamless, hassle-free experience.

Image Quality

The Optoma UHZ66 exhibits solid image quality due to its 4,000 ANSI lumens of brightness and 4K UHD resolution, which contribute to clear and detailed images in varied lighting conditions. This brightness level facilitates readability and clarity in environments that are not completely dark, while the 4K resolution ensures that details are crisp. The aspect ratio of 16:9 is standard for high-definition content, providing a suitable canvas for both cinematic and gaming content.

In testing the projector in both bright and dark rooms, the UHZ66 maintained consistent image quality. In illuminated spaces, the images were clear and maintained their integrity, demonstrating the projector’s capability to perform in less than ideal conditions. In darker environments, the contrast ratio of 500,000:1 was evident, with better definition between dark and light areas of the image, although the nuances in performance varied depending on content and specific lighting conditions. This makes the UHZ66 a practical option for a range of settings, from casual viewing to more formal presentations.

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Turning our attention to the gaming experience, the Optoma UHZ66 was put through its paces with an array of game genres, from fast-paced shooters to immersive RPGs. The projector’s performance in handling different gaming scenarios was noteworthy, especially with its low input lag, a critical factor for gaming. For 4K gaming at 60Hz, the input lag is measured at 16.9ms, and for 1080p at 60Hz, it slightly increases to 17ms. These numbers are quite favorable for casual gaming, ensuring that the action on screen feels responsive and in sync with the player’s inputs.

When testing with high-speed action games, the reduced input lag at 1080p/120Hz, down to 8.6ms, and even further at 1080p/240Hz to 4.4ms, made a significant difference in playability. This responsiveness, combined with the UHZ66’s high-resolution display and color accuracy, provided an immersive gaming experience. Whether navigating through detailed game environments or engaging in quick reflex multiplayer matches, the projector managed to deliver a satisfying gaming experience across various genres, making it a competent option for gamers looking to enhance their setup with a large-screen display.

Smart Features

While the Optoma UHZ66 is equipped with features like Crestron RoomView™ for easy management and 24/7 operation capability, enhancing its appeal for professional and educational environments, it’s important to note the absence of built-in Wi-Fi connectivity. This limitation means the UHZ66 doesn’t fall into the category of ‘smart projectors’ that offer direct internet access and streaming capabilities. However, its support for Full HD 3D content and the inclusion of an external power supply for improved energy efficiency and portability still make it a versatile choice for various multimedia applications, albeit with a reliance on external devices for streaming and smart functionalities.

Pros & Cons


  • True 4K UHD resolution for crisp, detailed images.
  • Low input lag ideal for casual gaming experiences.
  • High brightness suitable for various lighting conditions.
  • Long lamp life ensures durability and low maintenance.
  • Compact design enhances portability and setup flexibility.


  • Lacks built-in Wi-Fi connectivity for streaming.
  • Higher price point compared to similar models.


After thorough testing and evaluation, the Optoma UHZ66 scored 68 out of 100 points. – While it impresses with its high-quality 4K UHD resolution, low input lag for gaming, and versatile installation options, there are notable drawbacks that impact its overall score. The lack of Wi-Fi connectivity limits its functionality as a smart projector, preventing direct access to streaming services and online content, which is becoming increasingly standard in multimedia devices.

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Additionally, the higher price point of the UHZ66 may be a barrier for some potential users, especially when considering the competitive market filled with alternatives that offer similar features, sometimes including Wi-Fi, at a lower cost. Despite these drawbacks, the UHZ66 remains a strong contender in the projector market, particularly for those prioritizing image quality and gaming performance.