Best 8K Projector Picks for 2023

Welcome to our comprehensive buying guide for the best 8K projectors of 2023. In the rapidly evolving world of home entertainment, finding the best 8K projector can be a game-changer for your viewing experience. We’ve delved deep into the market, rigorously testing five of the most promising 8K projectors to bring you an informed perspective on the top options available. Through careful scrutiny of aspects like image quality, user interface, and overall performance, we’ve been able to identify the best of the best. Coming out on top in this fiercely competitive arena is the JVC DLA-NZ9, with its stellar performance and unrivaled visual experience. (>>> Check on Amazon Read on to discover why it topped our list and how the other contenders measured up in our thorough evaluation.

Best 8K Projector 2023 – Top Picks:

Resolution 4096x2160 8K w/pixel shifting 4096x2160 8K w/pixel shifting 4096x2160 8K w/pixel shifting 4096x2160 8K w/pixel shifting 4096x2160 8K w/pixel shifting
Brightness (Lumens) 2,200 ANSI 2,500 ANSI 3,000 ANSI 2,200 ANSI 2,200 ANSI
Contrast Ratio 40,000:1 80,000:1 100,000:1 100,000:1 100,000:1
Input Lag 36ms 38ms 38ms 35ms no data
Throw Distance 12.3' - 20.7' 12.3' - 20.7' 11.9' - 19.9' 11.9' - 19.9' 11.9' - 19.9'
Screen size 60" - 201" 60" - 201" 60" - 200" 60" - 200" 60" - 200"
Speakers No No No No No
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The 2,200 lumens produced by the NZ7 and NX9 is enough for a dedicated home theater space or other dim viewing areas, but will struggle in bright rooms. The DLA-NZ9 is more powerful, at 3,000 lumens, which is bright enough for use in the majority of indoor lighting environments.

Brightest projector: JVC DLA-NZ9

Picture Quality

All of these JVC models blow the typical home theater projector out of the water, and not just because of their 8K resolution. In terms of their relative comparison, however, you’ll get the sharpest contrast and most brilliant color performance from the DLA-NZ9 and DLA-NX9.

Both utilize advanced tone mapping, with automatic picture optimization and Motion Enhance technology to ensure you’re seeing all content at its best.

Highest picture quality: JVC DLA-NZ9, JVC DLA-NX9


All of these projectors are designed for high-end home theaters and have a price tag that reflects this. Between them, however, the NZ7 has the lowest price by far and is comparatively the most affordable way to bring 8K resolution into your home theater.

Lowest price: JVC DLA-NZ7




  • 8K content support and display
  • High image contrast with wide color gamut
  • Frame Adapt and HDR10+ dynamic tone mapping
  • Installation mode with 10 memory presets
  • Low enough input lag for casual gamers
  • Flexible installation with zoom and lens shift
  • Ideal brightness for moderately-lit spaces


  • Needs a lot of space for a big picture
  • Not suitable for bright spaces

The JVC DLA-NZ7 uses a BLU-Escent laser phosphor light source, paired with a 3-chip D-ILA display and an all-glass 15-group lens. This combination of technology produces a sharp and highly detailed image, no matter what resolution your content is intended for.

Its color performance is especially impressive, with coverage of the DCI-P3 color space and two dynamic tone mapping options through HDR10+ or JVC’s Frame Adapt HDR.

Thanks to this technology, the content you see is optimized to your space and the source signal, for an accurate, realistic image every time.

Now, like all of the projectors on this list, the DLA-NZ7 is a hefty piece of equipment, weighing just under 50 pounds. It also needs a lot of space to operate, with a throw distance that’s on the long side even compared to most standard-throw projectors.

With its 2,200-lumen lamp, the DLA-NZ7 is at its best in low to moderate light conditions. While it may struggle in particularly bright spaces, it doesn’t require a fully dark room to produce a clear picture.

As another plus, it’s responsive enough for casual gaming, with an input lag of around 36ms and a 120Hz refresh rate for full HD content. For our more in-depth review of the JVC NZ7, click here.




  • Exceptional native contrast
  • 6-axis color management system with HDR tone mapping
  • Good lamp brightness for most indoor spaces
  • 8 Installation Mode settings with 10 memory presets
  • Lens shift and zoom give it a flexible installation
  • Responsive enough for casual gamers


  • Long throw distance
  • Steep price increase for the performance improvements it offers

The next model up in JVC’s 8K projector lineup is the DLA-NZ8, which uses a similar lens and 3-chip D-ILA display to the NZ7 but with extra technology that improves the picture even further.

It also has a Low Latency Mode that drops the input latency down to a reasonable range for casual gamers, with a 120Hz refresh rate for both full HD and Ultra HD content for smooth, blur-free on-screen movement.

From a picture standpoint, image contrast is the biggest improvement with the DLA-NZ8. Its native contrast is double that of the NZ7, and this is further enhanced with Infinite Black dynamic contrast technology. This means noticeably richer black levels, even in rooms with some ambient light, as well as better image depth and texture for a more immersive viewing experience.

While the JVC DLA-NZ8 still uses a laser phosphor light source, it’s more powerful than the one on the NZ7, producing a consistent 2,500 lumens. This gives it a higher picture quality in spaces with ambient light, making it a better choice for lights-on viewing.

The 8 Installation Mode settings give users a lot of control over the picture and alignment settings, with memory slots that let you save customized profiles specific to different rooms or types of content. Along with these settings, it offers the same powered zoom, focus, and lens shift as the NZ7.




  • Phenomenal contrast with automatic HDR10+ optimization
  • Advanced color management with automatic calibration
  • Ideal lamp brightness for lights-on viewing
  • 8 Installation Mode settings with 10 memory slots
  • Shorter throw and wider lens shift than other models
  • Suitable for casual gaming with 4K/120Hz refresh rate


  • High cost, even compared to other 8K projectors

The top-of-the-line model released by JVC in early 2022 is the DLA-NZ9. It offers the most space versatility of the brand’s 8K projectors. The lamp is more powerful, for one thing, with a 3,000-lumen brightness that keeps the picture fully saturated even in well-lit rooms.

The throw distance is also slightly shorter and its lens shift is broader (+/-43% horizontal and +/-100% vertical), expanding its installation flexibility.

The JVC DLA-NZ9 is designed for those who want the best possible picture quality in their home theater, and it delivers on this promise. Its wider 100mm 18-element lens produces an even sharper picture with a higher contrast, and HDR10+ content is automatically reproduced using the signal metadata to ensure it displays true to the producer’s intent.

It uses a similar DCI-P3 Cinema Filter and Frame Adapt tone mapping to the NZ8, but adds an Auto-Calibration Function that tracks the color and other image settings and optimizes them in real time. The Clear Motion Drive and Motion Enhance technology is also improved, for smoother action and movement when playing Ultra HD content.

For our more in-depth review of this projector, click here.




  • Incredible sharpness with advanced 10mm lens array
  • Upscaling for 4K and full HD content
  • DCI-P3+ color gamut with automatic tone mapping
  • Motion Enhanced and Clear Motion Drive for smooth action
  • Wide lens shift and zoom for flexible installation
  • Reasonable input lag for casual gamers


  • Significantly shorter lamp lifespan
  • Not suitable for bright spaces

Released in late 2018, the JVC DLA-NX9 was one of the first home theater projectors to offer 8K resolution. The biggest difference compared to JVC’s NZ models is that the DLA-NX9 uses a NSH bulb instead of a laser to produce the image.

Its brightness is comparable to the NZ7, ideal for dim rooms and usable with some ambient light, though not ideal for well-lit spaces. It’s much less durable, however, with a maximum lifespan of around 4,500 hours, compared to the 20,000 hours or more you can expect from a laser phosphor light source.

The main advantage of the JVC DLA-NX9 is that it produces a similarly stunning picture to the NZ9 but at the lower price point of the NZ8. Its 100mm all-glass lens matches the NZ9 for sharpness and contrast.

Its broad color gamut exceeds the DCI-P3 space and users can easily optimize the color performance with the Auto Tone Mapping function. Gamers will appreciate the low latency mode and Clear Motion Drive that prevents on-screen blur.

JV DLA-NX9 also performs similarly to the NZ9 when it comes to the installation. The 9 Installation mode settings and powered lens with zoom and lens shift make it relatively easy to install compared to other projectors of its caliber.


JVC DLA-RS3000 8k projector


  • Exceptional 8K e-shift image resolution for superb detail.
  • High brightness of 2,200 ANSI Lumens ensures clear images.
  • Incredible dynamic contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1 adds depth.
  • HDR10 compatibility with Auto Tone Mapping enhances color accuracy.
  • THX 4K certification and ISF license attest to quality.


  • Absence of digital zoom limits image size adjustment.
  • Lacks built-in speakers, necessitating external audio setup.

The JVC DLA-RS3000 is undoubtedly a behemoth in the projector world. As the world’s first 8K e-shift home theater projector, it produces an impressively sharp image resolution of 8192 x 4320. This is in large part due to the new 0.69-inch native 4K D-ILA devices, which, combined with the 100mm all-glass lens, ensures the DLA-RS3000 delivers the sharpest home theater image available today. During our tests, the image quality was simply breathtaking; the colors were vibrant, and the details were crisp and clear. Watching a movie on this projector was nothing short of an immersive cinematic experience.

Impressive Brightness and Contrast

The projector has a brightness of 2,200 ANSI Lumens, which, when coupled with a 100,000:1 native contrast ratio, makes for incredibly bright and well-defined images. In our darkened testing room, this projector displayed images that were brilliantly lit and detailed, even in the darkest scenes. The dynamic contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1 adds even more depth to the image, creating a truly lifelike viewing experience.

User Experience

Operationally, the DLA-RS3000 was relatively straightforward to set up and use. The horizontal and vertical lens shift features offered a great deal of flexibility in installation. Not having digital zoom or internal speakers may be a minor drawback for some, but given its high-end specifications and target audience, this shouldn’t be an issue for most users.

Advanced Features

One of the key features that stood out during testing was the HDR10 compatibility with Auto Tone Mapping. This feature, combined with the wide color gamut (Over 100% DCI P3), ensured that the colors were not only accurate but also vibrant. The THX 4K certification and ISF (Imaging Science Foundation) license further attest to the exceptional quality of this projector.

In conclusion, the JVC DLA-RS3000 is a top-tier projector that offers an unmatched home theater experience. Its stunning 8K e-shift technology, high brightness, and remarkable contrast ratio make it a must-have for any home theater enthusiast. Despite its weighty size and the lack of some features like internal speakers, the exceptional image quality more than makes up for it. It truly feels like bringing the cinema right into your home.

So What’s the Best 8K Projector Available Today?

After meticulously testing five of the most promising options in the 8K projector market, we conclude our 2023 buying guide on a high note. The JVC DLA-NZ9 emerged as our top pick for the best 8K projector. (>>> Check on Projectorscreen). Combining stellar performance with an unrivaled visual experience, this model proved that it is a cut above the rest. Its remarkable specifications and user-friendly interface made it an unparalleled choice for movie aficionados seeking an immersive home theater setup.