Optoma HZ48UST Review

The Optoma HZ48UST certainly looks distinctive compared to other projectors in Optoma’s line. Its sleek black housing is chic and modern, with a short throw and a powerful lamp that let it work in any space. But how does the Optoma HZ48UST perform—and does it give you a good bang for your buck? Those are the questions we set out to answer in this Optoma HZ48UST review. Let’s take a deeper look at its key stats and features so you can decide for yourself. (>>> Check current price on Amazon)

Optoma HZ48UST Review of Main Specs:

Optoma HZ48UST
Resolution 1920x1080
Brightness (Lumens) 4,500
Contrast Ratio 3,000,000:1
Zoom Fixed lens
Throw Distance Approximately 12 inches away
Screen size 87” ~ 102”
Speakers 10 Wats
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Installation and Flexibility

The ultra-short throw distance of the Optoma HZ48UST can give you a 100” image with just 1 foot of distance between the screen and lens. That alone gives it a lot of installation flexibility. It also has a wide vertical and horizontal keystone correction and a 4-corner geometry adjustment function. Thanks to that, you can set it up easily on a tabletop and still get a clear, warp-free picture.

With a brightness of 4,500 lumens, the Optoma HZ48UST can be used in any light conditions. The short throw distance helps here, too, since the light doesn’t have to travel as far. Even daytime sunlight won’t wash out the picture.

The connectivity of the Optoma HZ48UST is robust, too. Wired inputs include VGA and dual HDMI inputs. It also has wireless connectivity, letting you stream content directly from a game console, cable box, or A/V receiver.

The only thing limiting the versatility of the Optoma HZ48UST is that its range of screen sizes is small. The 102” maximum screen size is plenty for most indoor uses, but it does make it a less viable option if you want a projector you can use for backyard viewing parties and other situations where you want a massive screen.

Picture Quality

Let’s start with the good news: the contrast and color of the Optoma HZ48UST are incredible. It uses a 4-segment color wheel with a Texas Instruments DLP chip to produce more than 1 billion displayable colors. The black levels are just as rich and detailed thanks to the high dynamic contrast ratio.

Where the Optoma HZ48UST falls a bit short from a picture standpoint is its resolution. Most projectors at this price point offer 4K Ultra HD, but the native resolution of the HZ48UST is only 1080p (full HD). You can find many projectors (including some from Optoma) that have similar picture stats at half the price or less, so that’s disappointing from a value perspective.


  • High dynamic contrast for excellent black levels
  • Flexible installation thanks to ultra-short throw
  • Bright lamp performs well in any light level
  • Low-maintenance with long lamp lifespan
  • Plays 3D content in full HD
  • Wireless connectivity


  • No 4K resolution
  • Limited range of image sizes

Design and Durability

The Optoma HZ28UST doesn’t require any time-consuming upkeep or maintenance, with good dust resistance and lens protection. Its lamp is durable, as well, lasting as long as 30,000 hours depending on your use and image settings.

Since most people will use the Optoma HZ28UST on a table top, its appearance matters a bit more than with the typical projector. It makes sense, then, that Optoma has put more thought into the exterior design. It’s both compact and modern, with a quiet fan and a clearly labeled button interface that makes it easy to navigate on-screen menus.

Gaming Performance

Optoma HZ48UST connections

The input lag of the Optoma HZ48UST measures around 15-16ms. That’s well within the acceptable range for serious gamers, who normally look for something with a lag of 30ms or less. Along with that, its high frame rate ensures smooth on-screen performance, and it has the connectivity to support the latest generation gaming systems.

Optoma HZ48UST Review: The Bottom Line

Versatility is the main strength of the Optoma HZ48UST. It’s an equally great option for gaming as it is for watching movies and TV, with a bright lamp and short throw that let it work in any space.

Our only major quibble with this projector is its lack of 4K resolution. That’s become the standard for high-end projectors and is an especially notable omission given the typical retail price. Resolution aside, the picture quality is high, and its convenient, low-maintenance design mean the long-term costs are low. (>>> Check on Amazon)

Ultimately, if you need a gaming projector with good installation flexibility, the Optoma HZ48UST is worth the investment. We hope this review has helped you decide if it’s the best choice for your home!