BenQ TH585P Review

Do you want a projector that can be used for both movies and gaming, without spending your entire year’s entertainment budget? If so, the BenQ TH585P is definitely a model you want to consider. This affordable 1080p projector is easy to set up and use, with a bright lamp and low input lag that make it a versatile choice for any home entertainment space. In this BenQ TH585P review, we’ll break down the full features so you can decide if it’s the right projector for you (>>> Check on Amazon).

BenQ TH585P Review of Main Specs:

BenQ TH585P
Resolution 1920x1080
Contrast 10,000:1
Brightness (Lumens) 3,500 ANSI
Input lag 4-16ms
Throw Distance 3.6' - 32.7'
Screen size 30" - 300"
Speakers 10.0 Watts Mono
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Space and Installation

The BenQ TH585P is best used in a relatively large space. It uses a standard throw lens that produces a 100-inch image with around 10-12 feet between the lens and screen. On the plus side, it does offer a good amount of flexibility as long as you have the space for it. It can be ceiling-mounted or installed on a table top, and has vertical keystone correction and lens shift for fine-tuning the image alignment.

As far as the light level in the room, the 3,500-lumen UHP bulb in the TH585P produces plenty of brightness for any indoor viewing area. You may want to draw the curtains in rooms with lots of windows, but you won’t need special black-out curtains or to turn off any overhead lights before you use the projector.

Image Quality

The DLP display of the BenQ TH585P produces a full HD resolution with a strong native image contrast that maximizes the detail and clarity of the picture. You’ll get this same sharp picture across types of content, including games and 3D movies.

For color, the TH585P uses a 6-segment color wheel that produces roughly 95% of the colors in the Rec.709 spectrum. The color accuracy is high, with the nuanced hues and texture that bring images to life, even fast-paced live content like sports. The only potential issue here is for those sensitive to the rainbow effect, which can be caused by any projector that uses a color wheel.


  • Full HD image with good contrast
  • Bright enough for lights-on viewing
  • Ideal for gaming
  • Fast and easy setup
  • Excellent value


  • Standard throw distance
  • No Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity built in

Gaming Performance

This is where the BenQ TH585P really stands apart from other projectors in the under-$1,000 price range. The low 16ms input lag is fast enough even competitive and online players won’t notice any added delay. This is paired with a 60Hz frame refresh rate for a smooth display without any blurring or stutters, even during fast gameplay sequences.

The BenQ TH585P is designed for use with modern game consoles, and supports the latest generation systems from Xbox, Sony, and Nintendo. Its Game Mode makes sure all of these games look their best, too, enhancing details in dark screen areas and ensuring maximum clarity across the picture. Check the BenQ TH685P comparison versus TH685P.


BenQ TH585P connections

The 10-watt speaker that comes built-in to the BenQ TH585P is acceptable for everyday TV watching or gaming. That said, it won’t give you the immersive listening experience you’d get in a professional theater. For that, you’ll want to connect external speakers using the 3.5mm mini jack on the rear connection panel. Unfortunately, it doesn’t support Bluetooth connections for sound, so you’ll want to stick with a soundbar or speaker that uses a physical connection.

BenQ TH585P Review: The Verdict

The BenQ TH585P won’t be a good fit for everyone. It does need a good amount of space, for one thing, and it doesn’t offer any wireless connectivity or smart features like voice control (>>> Find on Bhphotovideo). These are relatively minor shortcomings, though, especially considering its affordable price. With a bright lamp, high-quality picture, and the responsiveness you need for gaming, it’s a versatile way to bring big-screen entertainment to your home without breaking your budget.