The compact and stylish Samsung Premiere LSP7T certainly has more eye appeal than the typical home theater projector. But does its visual technology live up to its exterior design—and is it the right choice for your home theater?

We set out to answer those questions in this Samsung Premiere LSP7T review. With native 4K resolution, an ultra-short throw distance, and built-in smart features, the LSP7T checks all the boxes for things most users look for in a high-end home theater projector. Let’s take a more in-depth look at its features and performance to show you why it stands out from all the other options out there (>>> Check how much it cost on Amazon).

Samsung Premiere LSP7T Review of Main Specs:

Samsung Premiere LSP7T
Resolution 3840x2160
Brightness (Lumens) 2,200 ANSI
Contrast Ratio 1,000:1
Throw Distance 0.8' - 1.4'
Screen size 90" - 120"
Speakers 30 Watts

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Installation and Set-up

The ultra-short throw distance on the Samsung Premiere LSP7T makes it very easy to set up in your viewing space. You’ll only need about a foot between the lens and screen, which for many means you can put it on a shelf or entertainment center rather than messing with ceiling mounts. There’s also a digital keystone correction for adjusting the screen geometry if you can’t place the projector head-on to the wall.

For external content sources, the Samsung Premiere LSP7T has 3 HDMI ports and a USB port that lets you connect devices like storage drives and cameras. You can also stream content directly to the projector using popular apps like Prime Video and Netflix. Downloading and navigating apps is fairly straightforward, so while the provided instructions are minimal that won’t be a problem for most users.

Picture Quality

The laser light source on the Samsung Premiere LSP7T produces a cinema-quality image at all screen sizes. Along with native 4K resolution you’ll get HDR10+ processing, enhancing the color and contrast for a sharp and authentic picture. Movie buffs will be especially impressed by the Filmmaker Mode on the LSP7T. This setting further enhances the picture, adjusting the settings so they’re optimized for movie viewing.


  • 4K resolution with Purcolor for a vivid, accurate picture
  • Easy to install thanks to ultra-short throw
  • Excellent built-in sound
  • Intuitive control through the TIZEN Smart TV interface
  • Compatible with multiple voice control systems


  • Not much detail in the included user instructions
  • Not the best choice for bright spaces

We were initially concerned about the brightness of the lamp, which is rated for 2,200 lumens of brightness. That’s on the lower side for a home theater projector, especially if you like to keep the lights on while you’re watching. The good news is, we found the LSP7T exceeded our expectations in this regard, and doesn’t suffer from picture washout in moderate to low ambient light settings. This is in large part thanks to the short throw distance, which limits how far the light has to travel and makes the most out of the brightness it produces. It’s not the best option for spaces with lots of windows and natural ambient light, but in typical indoor lighting it performs well.


One great thing about the Samsung Premiere LSP7T is that you may not need to worry about external speakers. It comes with a 30-watt 2.2 channel sound system built in. The bass response from the dual subwoofers is as good as we’ve heard from a home theater projector. Those who want a true surround sound experience will still want to use an external speaker system, but for more casual viewers the built-in speakers will provide plenty of volume with a high sound quality and excellent mid-range clarity.

Smart Features

Along with the smart TV system, the Samsung Premiere LSP7T has voice control built in. It’s compatible with a range of systems, including Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Bixby, and offers a range of commands for each, including voice searches, playback control, and volume adjustment. They’re still expanding their control options for voice services, too, so this feature will only get better in the future.

Samsung Premiere LSP7T connections

Samsung Premiere LSP7T Review: The Verdict

The Samsung Premiere LSP7T is a great projector for any modern high-end home entertainment system. While its price may put it outside the budget range for some buyers, it’s ultimately worth the investment considering the features you get. We hope the information in this review has helped you decide if it’s the best choice for your home! (>>> Check how much it cost on ProjectorScreen)