LG HU70LA Review

Most people who have a dedicated home theater want a projector capable of 4K resolution. After all, if you’ve gone to the trouble of setting up a theater space, you want to get the best possible viewing experience.

The LG HU70LA is built to provide a convenient cinema-level experience in a home theater. When it comes to stats like color accuracy and picture quality, few projectors can beat it. Trying to figure out if it’s the best option for your home theater? Read the full LG HU70LA review below to find the answer! >>> Check the price on Amazon

Optoma LG HU70LA Review of Features:

Resolution 3840x2160
Brightness (Lumens) 1,500 ANSI
Contrast Ratio 150,000:1
Throw Distance 6.6' - 12.3'
Screen size 60" -140"
Input lag: 40-45ms

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Picture Quality

The 4K resolution on the LG HU70LA is the most detailed and precise you’ll get from today’s projectors. With 4 times the pixels of full HD, the image is incredibly sharp and realistic, no matter how big you make the image. We have included this projector to our list of top 4K projectors under $2000.

LG adds to that with high color accuracy and smooth on-screen movement. The HU70LA uses HDR tone mapping to optimize each individual frame. It also uses TruMotion technology to reduce choppiness and blurring. You can expect consistent and vibrant colors from all your content when you watch it on the LG HU70LA.

The only complaint we have about the picture quality on the LG HU70LA is that washout is a concern. The lamp can only produce about 1,500 lumens of illumination. That’s enough if you have a home theater but it’s not going to look as vibrant if you have any kind of ambient light in your space. If you need a brighter projector check this guide.


  • High resolution with great color accuracy
  • Built-in voice control
  • Smart TV system is easy to navigate
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • Zoom and vertical keystone for adjusting image
  • Wireless content streaming


  • Lamp too dim to compete with ambient light
  • Not ideal for gaming

Smart Features

For smart homes, the LG HU70LA is an especially appealing choice. The smart technology employed in this projector starts with LG’s ThinQ AI and smart TV system. You can download a good variety of streaming apps and other content straight to the projector, controlling it with the included magic remote.

The LG HU70LA also comes with both Alexa and Google Assistant voice control services built right in. That makes it an excellent choice if you want to integrate the projector into an existing smart home theater. Bluetooth connectivity is especially helpful if you’re linking the projector to smart speakers.

Set-up and Installation

LG HU70LA connectionsThe throw distance on the LG HU70LA is about average. You’ll need between 9 and 11 feet of distance to get a 100” image. That’s fine for most home theater and living room spaces, though it may be a concern for those with smaller rooms.

The overall set-up on the LG HU70LA is quick and easy. It comes with both vertical keystone correction and a lens zoom for fine-tuning the alignment. The lightweight and compact size of the HU70LA is especially helpful if you’re using a ceiling mount.

Connecting content sources to the LG HU70LA is easy, too. Its flexible connection options include dual HDMI and two USB ports. You can also stream content wirelessly from a phone or tablet using Miracast, something you can’t do with most projectors.

What’s the Bottom Line?

If you have a dedicated home theater, you’ll love the LG HU70LA. The picture quality is high and its smart features and wireless streaming mean it will fit right into any smart home theater without a hassle.

Having said that, the LG HU70LA isn’t perfect. It’s not great for gaming (find the top gaming projector options here), nor does it have the lamp power to provide a good picture in well-lit rooms. The longer throw distance also limits is versatility in terms of placement, since you’ll need a fairly large space to use it. >>> Check the price on Bhphotovideo

Really, it comes down to what you’re looking for. The LG HU70LA is designed for home theaters and a great choice in that context. In living rooms and media rooms, though, it may not be the best choice. We hope the feature breakdown above has helped you decide if this is the right projector for you!