Optoma first came to international attention when they won the CES Innovations Award for their DLP projection technology in 2002. They’ve stayed at the cutting edge of home entertainment technology in the decades since, making the latest visual technology accessible to home theater owners with projectors like their UHD55.

Along with their trademark DLP display, the Optoma UHD55 features a bright lamp, XPR pixel-shift technology and robust wireless and home automation capabilities. This makes it an ideal choice for many modern home entertainment spaces—but is it the best choice for your home? We’ll help you answer that question in this Optoma UHD55 review (>>> Check on Amazon).

Optoma UHD55 Review of Main Specs:

Optoma UHD55
Resolution 3840x2160
Contrast 1,200,000:1
Brightness (Lumens) 3,600 ANSI
Input Lag 16.9ms
Throw Distance 3.9' - 26.6'
Screen size 34" - 302"
Speakers 10.0 Watts Mono
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Space and Installation

The metal halide bulb in the Optoma UHD55 can produce a consistent 3,600 lumens of brightness. That’s powerful enough to keep the picture quality high in any indoor space, and also makes it a great choice for indoor/outdoor use since you won’t have to wait until full dark for things like backyard movies.

Now, the Optoma UHD55 is a standard-throw projector, and you’ll need about 10 feet of distance between the lens and screen for a 100-inch image. This makes it best suited to larger spaces. On the plus side, it is relatively flexible in terms of how it’s installed relative to the screen, with a vertical lens shift (+5%/-15%) as well as 1.3x manual zoom and 4-corner keystone correction (+/- 40°).

The Optoma UHD55 is also flexible in terms of its connectivity. The rear panel includes dual HDMI, as well as VGA and USB inputs and an optical audio out for connecting external speakers. It also has wireless connectivity (we included UHD55 among top wireless projectors), with a built-in streaming interface that supports voice control through Alexa or Google Assistant, as well as custom automation routines through IFTTT. The rear panel also includes ports useful for other automation and smart home setups, like a 12-volt trigger and RJ-45 and RS232 connections.


  • High image contrast with HLG and HDR10
  • Vibrant and accurate colors
  • Single-digit input lag in full HD
  • Bright enough for lights-on viewing
  • Easy to install with 2D keystone and vertical lens shift
  • Good variety of wired and wireless content options
  • Easy to integrate into a smart home entertainment system


  • Long throw distance

Image Quality

The DLP display and XPR technology of the Optoma UHD55 produce a resolution that exceeds most people’s expectations for a pixel-shifted display. Ultra HD content plays with a full 8.3 million on-screen pixels, not the double-HD display generated by other pixel-shifting projectors.

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The contrast and color of the image match the depth and realism of a 4K resolution. A high dynamic contrast ensures sharp details, lifelike texture, and rich black levels, with PureMotion technology that keeps those details sharp even during fast-paced sports or actions sequences. The sophisticated Color Management System gives users full control over the color settings, with a wide color gamut that covers 95% of the DCI-P3 spectrum that’s the professional cinema standard.

The variety of content you can play on the Optoma UHD55 is impressive, too. It has full 3D support for a variety of 3D formats, to start. The Super Ultra Wide display option also gives you the option of a panoramic view for a fully-immersive viewing experience.

Gaming Performance

Optoma UHD55 connections

Speed is the main concern for gamers. All projectors add some kind of lag between your input on the controller and what you see on the screen, but the lag on the Optoma UHD55 is as close to instant as you’ll find on the current market. Full HD games play at a 240Hz refresh rate, with a measured input lag as low as 4ms. This only goes up to 16.7ms for 4K content, still well within the range sought by competitive gamers.

The Bottom Line: Optoma UHD55 Review

The versatility of the Optoma UHD55 makes it an excellent value, and it outperforms other 4K projectors available at a similar price point (>>> Find on ProjectorScreen.com). While it does need a larger space, its bright lamp and range of alignment features make it a great choice for all-purpose spaces like living rooms and game rooms. With its low input lag and high image quality, it does full justice to whatever kind of content you plan to play on your projector.