ViewSonic X1 Review

ViewSonic’s latest line of home theater projectors use solid-state projection technology as opposed to the traditional lamp design. This gives them a longer lifespan, up to 30,000 hours of consistent brightness and image quality. It also makes their projectors lighter and more durable, great for those who need a portable projector. In this ViewSonic X1 review, we’ll break down its features so you can decide whether it’s a good fit for your home and projector needs.

While it’s not going to be a great fit in every space, its lightweight and low-maintenance design are paired with a fast, easy installation, so it lives up to ViewSonic’s reputation for portability. Let’s dig into the full details (>>> Check on Amazon)!

ViewSonic X1 Review of Main Specs:

ViewSonic X1
Resolution 1920x1080
Contrast 3,000,000:1
Brightness (Lumens) 3,100 LED
Throw Distance 6.5' - 12.5'
Screen size 60" - 150"
Speakers 6.0 Watts × 2
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Space Versatility

The stats for the ViewSonic X1 listed online can be deceptive at first glance. It can produce 3,100 LED lumens. To get the ANSI lumens, you need to divide the LED lumens by 2.4, giving the X1 an ANSI lumen rating of around 1,300. That’s enough for a dedicated home theater or other completely dark space, and may be able to handle a few lamps or other light sources, but will struggle to compete with even moderate amounts of ambient light.

While your room’s light level may be a concern with the ViewSonic X1, it’s more versatile when it comes to the size of your space. It uses a shorter throw distance than most standard throw projectors, producing a 100-inch image with as little as 8.5 feet between the screen and lens, compared to the 10+ feet you’ll need from most standard-throw lamps. It also has good flexibility within that space, with a 10% vertical lens shift, 1.3x zoom, and 2D keystone correction.

Image Quality

One advantage of an LED light source is that they do a better job on average producing realistic and nuanced colors. The ViewSonic X1 has a wide color gamut, exceeding the Rec.709 spectrum with its Cinema SuperColor technology. Its dynamic contrast and support for HDR10 brings the same detail and richness to black areas.

The only potential issue with the ViewSonic X1 from an image standpoint is its resolution. Its native resolution is Full HD, and while it accepts 4K content it will be downscaled to the lower 1080p resolution.


  • Full HD picture with good image contrast
  • Realistic and vibrant colors
  • Long light source lifespan
  • Shorter throw distance
  • Good sound from built-in speakers
  • Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity


  • Low lamp brightness
  • No built-in streaming


The inputs on the ViewSonic X1 include HDMI, USB-C, an audio out Mini Jack, and an RS232 port for networking. Along with this, it has embedded Wi-Fi connectivity for wirelessly streaming or mirroring content from another device. Unfortunately there’s no built-in interface for streaming content right through the projector, so you will need a streaming stick or other content source to watch shows and movies. Check its comparison versus Viewsonic X2.


ViewSonic X1 connections

The ViewSonic X1 has dual 6-watt Harman Kardon speakers. While they’re not the most powerful speakers out there, they have a relatively full sound for what they are, and exceed the audio quality of most projector speakers. They’re loud enough to be heard throughout most rooms and emulate the immersive soundscape of a surround sound soundbar or system. You can also send the audio directly to headphones or external speakers through Bluetooth, giving users easy control over the sound.

ViewSonic X1 Review In Summary

The ViewSonic X1 sells for around $1,000. Not long ago, that would have been a bargain for a full HD projector. As of this projector’s release in May 2022, though, there are 4K projectors that sell for the same price or not much more, and you can get a better 1080p projector from other brands for less.

That’s not to say the ViewSonic X1 is a bad projector. While its low brightness is a bit disappointing, its shorter throw, exceptional color, and embedded Wi-Fi are all points in its favor. The thing is, you’ll find brighter 1080p projectors with those same features, and won’t have to pay much more to get a 4K projector that can match them, either. If you’re looking for an LED projector, the ViewSonic X1 is a good choice, but most will find models from Optoma, Epson, or BenQ meet their projector needs better at an equal or lower price (>>> Find on Amazon).