BenQ TH685 Review

Gaming on a big screen gives you an immersive experience you just can’t get from a regular TV. That’s the main draw of gaming projectors like the BenQ TH685. It’s built with gamers in mind, with the inputs and support you need for modern consoles, as well as a low latency and high processing speed.

All of these details make the BenQ TH685 one of the best values out there for a gaming projector. It’s also great for watching TV and movies, so it’s a versatile option for media rooms, family rooms, and other multi-use spaces. (>>> Check it’s pricing on Amazon) Let’s take a more in-depth look at the key specs to give you a better idea of what this projector can do.

BenQ TH685 Review of Specs:

BenQ TH685
Native Resolution 1920x1080
Brightness (Lumens) 3,500 ANSI
Input lag 8.3ms
Refresh Rate 120Hz
Contrast Ratio 10,000:1
Throw Distance 3.2' - 24.6'
Screen size 30”-300”
Built in Speakers 5.0 Watts

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Installation and Set-Up

The BenQ TH685 is relatively flexible in regards to installation. It can produce a picture anywhere from 30” to 300” on the diagonal, though it will look best toward the center of that range—images between 60” and 200” will have the best quality and clarity. You can get a 100” image with between 8 and 9 feet of distance, so while it’s not a short throw projector it can be used in most rooms.

Connecting the BenQ to your content sources is easy, too. It has both HDMI-1 and HDMI-2 inputs, along with a PC in and input for connecting external speakers. It’s designed to be compatible with modern gaming systems like the Xbox One, PS4, or Nintendo Switch, making it a worry-free way to play games from any platform. It’s also a great choice for a golf simulator.

Picture Quality

The Full HD resolution of the BenQ Th685 is on par with what you’d get from modern televisions. It doesn’t quite have the sharpness and detail of a 4K projector. The contrast ratio is a bit on the low side, too, which can limit the clarity in darker areas of the screen.

On the plus side, the lamp on the TH685 is nice and bright, putting out enough lumens to produce a vibrant picture in typical indoor ambient light levels. We were also impressed by the color accuracy, which matches the Rec.709 spectrum for true to life color from both movies and games.


  • Bright lamp for daytime viewing
  • Supports 3D
  • Quick, intuitive set-up
  • Vivid, accurate color reproduction
  • Low input lag ideal for gamers
  • Easy to connect to game consoles and other content sources


  • Low lamp lifespan in normal lamp mode
  • Lower resolution and contrast

Gaming Performance

This is where the BenQ TH685 really shines. The remarkably low input lag of 8.3ms is one of the fastest you’ll find from a projector at any price. It pairs this with a 120Hz frame refresh rate. You won’t have to worry about lag or choppiness getting in the way of your game when you play on this projector.

We also appreciate that the BenQ TH685 has a Game Mode for the picture settings. This optimizes the images to provide the ideal gaming experience and reduce eye strain during long play sessions. Find more gaming projector options here.


The BenQ TH685 is solid and well-built both inside and out. Its efficient fan keeps the projector nice and cool without drawing in too much dust. BenQ stands behind the quality of their projectors, offering a 3-year warranty for the TH685. That’s peace of mind you won’t get from most projector manufacturers.

The lamp on the BenQ TH685 can last up to 15,000 hours without being replaced. You’ll only get this lifespan if you use the projector in LampSave mode, however. In normal mode the lamp life drops to 4,000 hours, and even in Eco mode the lamp lifespan averages around 10,000 hours. That’s still long enough to call the projector low-maintenance, though most people will need to replace the lamp before it hits the 15,000-hour benchmark.

The Verdict

While you can watch movies on the BenQ TH685 it’s really meant for gaming. You can find projectors at a similar price point with a better resolution and higher contrast ratio, and those options may be better for those primarily using the projector for a home theater.

When it comes to performance, though, the BenQ TH685 is one of the better options in the under $1,000 price point. The bright lamp and wide range of screen sizes expands its versatility, too, letting you use it in most spaces without the extra hassle of light control. If you’re looking for a bright, responsive projector, the BenQ TH685 is a solid choice at a great price. (>>> Check it’s pricing on Amazon)