BenQ TK850 Review

The value and performance of BenQ projectors makes them some of the best-selling models on the consumer market. Their range of 4K projectors makes cinema-quality performance accessible at any budget and are easy to install and use.

The BenQ TK850 is a bright, versatile home theater projector that’s great for watching sports, movies or any other content you can imagine. While it does have its weak points, the high picture quality is especially impressive for the price. >>> Check it’s pricing on Amazon

BenQ TK850 Review of Main Specs:

BenQ TK850
Resolution 4K Ultra HD
Brightness 3,000 lumens
Contrast ratio 30,000:1
Throw distance 3.2' - 24.6'
Screen size 30”-300”
Input Lag ~80ms
Speakers 2 x 5.0 Watts

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Anyone who’s upgrading from a previous model of BenQ projector will find the installation especially easy. The TK850 is designed to be a drop-in replacement, no adjustment needed. Even if this is your first projector, though getting started with the BenQ TK850 is a simple process.

BenQ calibrates its projectors at the factory so they’re ready to go right out of the box. The TK850 also includes helpful alignment adjustment features like a zoom and lens shift that help to make the installation quicker and easier.

In terms of installation flexibility, the 3,000 lumens put out by the lamp mean you can use the BenQ TK850 in most light levels without worrying about washout. You may still need to take some extra steps for light control, especially in rooms with lots of windows during the daytime, but it’s not a projector that needs complete darkness to function.


  • All-glass lens array enhances color and sharpness
  • Factory calibrated for easy out of the box set-up
  • Includes both 1.3x zoom and lens shift
  • Picture modes quickly adjust screen settings to suit content
  • Lamp bright enough to use in moderately-lit rooms
  • Quiet fan


  • 3D content plays in lower resolution
  • Input lag too high for gaming

Picture Quality

The BenQ TK850 has one of the sharpest pictures you’ll find on any projector today. Not only does it use 4K Ultra HD resolution, the all-glass, 10-element crystal lens array increases the clarity and light penetration. The result is a projector image that looks even sharper than what you’ll get from other 4K projectors.

The only time you won’t get 4K resolution on the BenQ TK850 is when you’re viewing 3D content. This projector does support 3D but it displays it in full HD (1080p) resolution. You’ll still get a clear and immersive 3D viewing experience, though, so this isn’t much of a point against it in our book.

Sports fans and movie buffs both will appreciate the dedicated viewing modes on the BenQ TK850. These settings adjust the sound as well as the picture, optimizing the performance for the kind of content you’re viewing.

The color accuracy and brightness is equally strong on all picture modes of the BenQ TK850. It supports HDR10 and has 98% of the Rec.709 color gamut. In layman’s terms, the colors really pop off the screen and give you a hyper-realistic picture that makes it easy to get sucked into your shows and movies.

BenQ TK850 connectivity

BenQ TK850 connections

Performance and Reliability

Some projectors can be distractingly loud when they’re running in high performance modes, so we appreciate the quiet fan on the BenQ TK850. It’s quiet and unobtrusive no matter what settings you’re using. This makes the built-in speakers a more viable option, though most home theater owners will still want to use a separate surround sound system.

This is a relatively low-maintenance projector, as well. Depending on the brightness level you’re using, the lamp lasts anywhere from 4,000-15,000 hours before it needs to be replaced. The casing is effective at protecting the projector, too, and it’s durable enough you can take it outside for backyard movies or bring it along on RV or camping trips.

Our only major complaint against the BenQ TK850 is that it’s not a good choice for gamers. The input lag is high enough it will be distracting in any modern game. For home theater use this isn’t an issue, but it does limit the BenQ TK850’s use in media rooms.

What’s the Bottom Line?

If your goal is to get the best picture quality for your money, the BenQ TK850 is a solid choice. >>> Check it’s pricing on Bhphotovideo The advanced lens and sophisticated display technology combine for an incredible picture, and the bright lamp brings that picture alive in a real-world setting. The BenQ TK850 is the perfect option for families, movie buffs, and sports fans who want an easy, affordable way to get big-screen entertainment. Hopefully, this review has helped you figure out if it’s the right choice for you!