Tired of your projector screen taking up an entire wall of your living room? A motorized screen is an excellent alternative, keeping the screen out of sight when it’s not in use and quickly extending it when it’s movie time. Choosing the right model can be tricky, however. Most screens are designed to work in a certain light level, or with specific styles of projector, so there’s no one best motorized projector screen for everyone. That said, there are some universal factors that you should consider when you’re screen shopping. Let’s take a quick look at how these models stack up before getting into the full reviews.

Best Motorized Projector Screen – Top picks in 2023:

VIVIDSTORM S PRO VIVIDSTORM-Deluxe Tensioned Screen VIVIDSTORM PRO Slimline VIVIDSTORM Deluxe Aoxun 120” Motorized Projector Screen
Screen size 100” 84” 120” 150” 120”
Aspect ratio 16:9 16:9 16:9 16:9 4:3
Viewing angle 170° 160° 170° 160° 160°
Ambient light rejecting Yes Yes Yes No No
Projector compatibility Ultra-Short Throw laser projectors Standard-throw and short-throw Ultra-short throw laser projectors Standard-throw/short-throw projectors (not UST) Standard-throw and short-throw projectors

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Installation Ease

Most motorized screens extend downward. This means you’ll need to mount them to the ceiling or wall before you use it, just like with a traditional screen. Many offer multiple mounting options, such as most VIVIDSTORM screens that can be wall mounted, ceiling mounted, or suspended, so you’ll still get some flexibility with your installation.

For the absolute easiest installation, the VIVIDSTORM S Pro is the top choice. It rises up from the base instead of extending down. Because of this, you can simply set it on an entertainment center or table top and plug it in, giving it a setup time of about a minute.

Easiest installation: VIVIDSTORM S Pro

Viewing Angle

The viewing angle of a screen indicates how far from center you can be and still get the same great picture. This will be of most concern for large groups like viewing parties, where it’s not possible for everyone to sit directly in front of the screen.

A 180° viewing angle is the widest possible, giving even viewers at the very edges of the screen the same image quality. While none of these screens quite reach that full coverage, you will get a wide 170° viewing angle from the VIVIDSTORM S Pro and VIVIDSTORM PRO Slimline.

Widest viewing angle: VIVIDSTORM S Pro, VIVIDSTORM PRO Slimline

Screen Size

Most people go with a projector because they want a big-screen image. While many projectors can generate images as large as 300”, screens this large are best in outdoor settings or large auditoriums, and will likely be overwhelmingly large in a home theater. Our top screen pick for outdoor can be found here.

For most home theaters, a screen around 100”-150” is the ideal size, and all of these screens fall within this range. The VIVIDSTORM Deluxe is the largest motorized screen on the list, with a diagonal measurement of 150”.

Largest screen: VIVIDSTORM Deluxe



The VIVIDSTORM S Pro is an ideal choice for home theaters built around an ultra-short throw laser projector. Its flexibility is its main advantage. The screen material has a sawtooth structure that allows sound waves to get through without impacting the quality of the image, allowing for speakers to be installed behind the screen.

This unique screen material is also good news for the picture quality. It rejects ambient light, especially light that comes in from above the screen. Thanks to this, you’ll see improved color and contrast even when it’s used in well-lit rooms. It’s also capable of supporting the latest in home theater technology, like 8K resolution and 3D content.

Setting up the VIVIDSTORM S Pro is easy. Just put it where you want it and plug it in—no need for screws or other hardware. While this gives it excellent versatility in terms of where you use it, it’s not as versatile when it comes to your projector. It’s made to use with ultra-short throw laser projectors, and its light-rejecting design can cause image issues with traditional lamp-based projectors or ceiling mounted setups. Click here for our more in-depth Vividstorm S Pro 120 Review.


  • Excellent image contrast and color
  • Perforated design is sound transparent
  • Easy setup with no required hardware
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Works well with 3D content
  • Silent motor operation


  • Use is limited to laser projectors
  • Can’t be used in ceiling-mounted setups

VIVIDSTORM-Deluxe Tensioned Screen

VIVIDSTORM-Deluxe Tensioned Screen

The VIVIDSTORM-Deluxe Tensioned Screen is one of the top options for smaller spaces. It comes in a range of sizes, as small as 84 inches diagonally. In all sizes, it has a wide 160° viewing angle, so you’ll get the same high picture quality no matter where you’re sitting in the room. Once installed, it raises and lowers silently, making it unobtrusive in every sense of the world, and has convenient features like an RF remote and smart opening that synchronizes with your projector.

Another great feature of this VIVIDSTORM screen is its installation flexibility. It’s perforated to let sound through, meaning you can install speakers behind the screen without impacting the sound quality. Along with this, it supports wall, ceiling, or suspended installations, expanding your options for how and where to install it compared to other screens.

As far as the picture, the screen itself is made of cinema-quality material that faithfully recreates the color, contrast, and details of projected images from standard-throw or short-throw projectors. Since it rejects ambient light, it can make projectors with a brightness as low as 1,800 lumens look bright and vibrant. The only downside of this is, that same screen design means it won’t work well with ultra-short throw projectors.


  • Acoustically transparent for behind-screen speakers
  • Easy to clean with just soap and water
  • Synchronizes with projector to open automatically
  • Moisture-resistant steel housing
  • Multiple installation options
  • Locking height adjustment


  • Not compatible with ultra-short throw laser projectors
  • Some users report flaring and wrinkling around the edges



Here’s another top screen from VIVIDSTORM that’s ideal for those with ultra-short throw laser projectors. The VIVIDSTORM PRO Slimline uses a screen with a sawtooth surface structure and light-suppression technology that blocks or absorbs ambient light from above. This means exceptional contrast and brightness from ultra-short throw projectors. The only downside of this is it will also filter out light from ceiling-mounted projectors, the main reason it’s not suitable for standard-throw models.

Paired with the right projector, the VIVIDSTORM PRO Slimline produces an incredible picture for all kinds of content. It gives the full detail for content up to 8K resolutions and can handle any kind of 3D content, as well. With a 120” screen size and wide 170° viewing angle, it’s perfect for viewing parties and other large group uses, giving everyone the same great viewing experience.

Like other VIVIDSTORM screens, the Slimline is easy to install and use. It can be suspended or mounted to a wall or ceiling. Along with a wireless remote, it comes with a projector trigger for automatic screen lowering and raising. However it’s installed, the gravity shaft and stay wire keep the screen flat and wrinkle-free while you’re watching.


  • Sawtooth screen structure absorbs light from above
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Supports active 3D and resolutions up to 8K
  • Suspended or mounted installation
  • Includes remote and wireless trigger dongle
  • Flat, smooth surface when in use


  • Can’t be used with ceiling-mounted projectors



For dedicated home theaters, the VIVIDSTORM Deluxe is an ideal choice. Its image surface is 150 inches on the diagonal, about 50% larger than most motorized projector screens. Along with that, its wide 160° viewing angle means everyone will have the same great view, even if you’re watching with a large group.

The VIVIDSTORM Deluxe has a flexible installation. It works with both wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted setups, with an acoustically transparent screen that won’t block sound from speakers installed behind it. While there is some wrinkling along the image edges, the overall contrast and color production are high, and it does full justice to Ultra HD resolutions.

The reason we recommend this screen mostly for dedicated home theaters is that it doesn’t use the ambient light rejecting technology employed by other screens on this list. Because of this, it’s at its best in a completely dark room. It will do justice to the picture produced by any standard-throw projector, but can’t enhance or improve the contrast and image brightness, and is prone to wash-out from ambient light sources.


  • Ideal for dedicated home theaters
  • Perforated for acoustic transparency
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Works with ceiling or wall mounted installations
  • Slim and unobtrusive when screen is retracted


  • Some wrinkling and distortion at the screen edges
  • Not ideal for well-lit rooms or dim projectors

Aoxun 120” Motorized Projector Screen

Aoxun 120” Motorized Projector Screen

You don’t need to spend a fortune to get a motorized projector screen. The Aoxun 120” Motorized Projector Screen is a versatile way to get big-screen entertainment on a budget. It can be installed on either the wall or ceiling, and comes with a motorized control panel you can also mount to the wall, as well as a wireless remote. The surface is also moisture-resistant, meaning you can use it outside if you want and can clean it with plain soap and water if it gets dirty.

When fully extended, this Aoxun screen has a 4:3 aspect ratio suitable for many older shows and movies. For more modern content, you can retract the screen slightly to adjust the ratio to a modern 16:9. With support for 3D content and faithful reproduction of resolutions up to 8K, it can handle any type of content you want to play on it.

As far as projector compatibility, the Aoxun 120” Motorized Projector Screen works best with standard-throw and short-throw projectors. While it can be used with ultra-short throw models, as well, this will likely cause visible wrinkles and lines in the image since it’s not a fixed-tension screen.


  • 4-layer screen limits light bleed
  • Control with remote or wall-mounted control panel
  • Wipes clean with soap and water
  • Can be mounted on the wall or ceiling
  • Supports resolutions up to 8K
  • 3D ready


  • No ambient light rejecting features
  • No automatic control option

So What’s the Best Motorized Projector Screen?

Any of these screens can be an exceptional choice paired with the right projector. That’s the first thing you’ll need to consider as you’re shopping. For an ultra-short throw projector, the VIVIDSTORM S Pro is the best option (>>> Check on Amazon), designed to support laser-based light sources. Standard throw projectors are more common, and will work with a wider range of screens.

The light level in your viewing area is something else to consider. If you have a dedicated home theater, the VIVIDSTORM Deluxe is an excellent choice, but it will struggle in brighter rooms where the VIVIDSTORM PRO Slimline is a better option thanks to its highly effective ambient light rejection from above.

The bottom line is to remember that the screen is just one piece of your home theater setup, and the best option is the one that works well with your other equipment. We hope this comparison has helped you figure out the best choice for you!