Epson Home Cinema 2200 Review

The days when projector-based home theaters were reserved for high-end luxury homes are over—and that’s thanks in large part to models like the Epson Home Cinema 2200. With full HD resolution, a bright lamp, and smart streaming technology, the Epson 2200 is an incredible value at the price, and an excellent way to bring big-screen entertainment to any home. Are you curious how its image and performance stats stand up against other projectors on the market? Read on for an in-depth look at the functions and features of the Epson Home Cinema 2200 so you can decide if it’s the right option for your home. (>>> Check price on Amazon)

Epson Home Cinema 2200 Review of Main Specs:

Epson Home Cinema 2200
Resolution 1920x1080
Brightness (Lumens) 2,700
Contrast Ratio 35,000:1
Throw Distance 3.2' - 29.4'
Screen size 30" - 332"
Included Lens 1.2x manual zoom
Speakers 10.0 Watts Mono

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Picture Quality

The full HD picture of the Epson 2200 is crisp and detailed. It’s also very smooth, even during fast action sequences, with frame interpolation technology that fills in between the frames for seamless on-screen movement.

The Epson 2200 is also one of the most affordable projectors you’ll find that uses 3LCD technology with 10-bit processing for the color display. Hues are accurate and bright, displaying the full color signal for all your content. Along with that, it prevents distracting image issues like color brightness and the rainbow effect.

With a lamp brightness of 2,700 lumens, the Epson 2200 will maintain the clarity and vibrancy of the picture even with some ambient light. Its relatively high contrast ratio helps here, too, with consistently deep, rich black levels. You may still want to invest in black-out curtains for daytime viewing in rooms with lots of windows, but it’s not as sensitive to the room’s light levels as other projectors in this price range.

Set-up and Installation

Lamp-based projectors like the Epson 2200 tend to have a longer throw distance, and that’s true of this model. For a 100” image, you’ll need about 10 feet of distance. That’s fine for dedicated home theaters or larger spaces like living rooms, but could be an issue if you’re short on space.

The Epson 2200 can be used in either table-top or ceiling-mounted installations, so it’s relatively flexible in that regard. It also comes with a good range of adjustment features, including both horizontal and vertical keystone correction as well as a 1.2x manual zoom. So long as you have the space for it, you’ll find it a relatively quick process to install this projector.


  • Sharp, detailed picture with good contrast
  • Android TV interface includes Google Assistant voice search
  • 3LCD chip technology limits image issues
  • Good range of alignment and image adjustment functions
  • Plays 3D content in full HD


  • Voice control and search are limited and clunky
  • Relatively short lamp lifespan (7,500 hours max)


The Android TV interface on the Epson 2200 supports streaming from many popular content apps directly to the projector. It’s easy to navigate using the included remote. If you’ve used streaming sticks or services in the past, both the interface and remote will look very familiar and intuitive to what you’re used to.

The Epson 2200 includes Google Assistant voice search capability. That said, it’s not what we’d necessarily call a “smart projector”, since these voice commands are limited to searching for content. It also can’t be used with other voice services, so the usefulness of this function will depend on what other devices you use in your home.

Gaming Performance

Epson Home Cinema 2200 top

With an input lag as low as 30ms, the Epson 2200 is a great choice for gaming, with no noticeable delay between your input and what you see on-screen. The only thing to note is you’ll need to turn off features like the Frame Interpolation to get this responsive low input lag.

Epson Home Cinema 2200 Review: What’s the Verdict?

The Epson 2200 is a definite stand out in the under $1,000 price range. It produces a bright, sharp picture that’s smooth and responsive for all content sources, even fast-paced games. We also appreciate that it’s easy to use, even for those who aren’t familiar with projectors. (>>> Check price on Bhphotovideo)

If you’re looking for advanced features like smart home integration or 4K resolution, you’ll be disappointed by the Epson 2200. For those who simply want an affordable way to expand the screen in their home theater, though, this is an ideal choice at an exceptional value.