BenQ TH685P vs TH685i: An In-Depth Comparison

After exhaustive testing of both the BenQ TH685P and the TH685i projectors, it’s clear that these devices stand out as stellar performers in the realm of home entertainment and gaming. However, when we’re asked to pick a winner in the comparison of BenQ TH685P vs TH685i, our top pick, after much consideration, is the BenQ TH685P. The TH685P, despite the close competition, shines through due to its outstanding performance, compelling customer reviews, and the added advantage of being a newer model. Let’s take a deeper dive to understand why the TH685P holds the edge. Check the Latest Price on Amazon Now!

benq th685p vs. th685i


BenQ TH685P

BenQ TH685P projector
BenQ TH685P

Having spent considerable time exploring the capabilities of the BenQ TH685P, we were notably impressed by its high performance in both gaming and home theater contexts. This projector shines with its 3500 ANSI lumen brightness and 1080p HDR with 4K compatibility. It produces vivid and color-accurate images, managing to cover 95% of the Rec. 709 color space. The picture quality is excellent, even in moderately lit rooms, offering versatile placement options.

The TH685P has made its mark in the gaming arena with its low input lag, which is as low as 8.3ms at 1080p/120Hz. Games appeared smooth, with minimal motion blur, enhancing our gaming experience. However, what really set this projector apart were customer reviews praising its performance in various environments, from living rooms to conference rooms. It also boasts of an industry-leading warranty. The absence of a VGA input might be a minor inconvenience for some, but considering the overall performance, this is a trade-off most users will be willing to make. If you’re a gaming enthusiast, you might be interested in our Best Gaming Projector Round-Up Review.


  • Bright 3500 ANSI lumens provide clear images even in lit rooms.
  • Low input lag enhances the gaming experience.
  • Covers 95% of the Rec. 709 color space for color accuracy.
  • Supports 1080p HDR and is 4K compatible.
  • Commendable customer reviews and a leading warranty.


  • Lacks VGA input, potentially limiting connectivity options.
  • Inbuilt speaker’s performance could be better.

BenQ TH685i

BenQ TH685i projector
BenQ TH685i

Upon testing the BenQ TH685i, we found it to be a solid performer that successfully bridges the gap between entertainment and productivity. Like the TH685P, the TH685i offers 3500 ANSI lumen brightness and sports the same contrast ratio, promising bright and clear images in various lighting conditions. Its 1080p HDR with 4K compatibility ensures vibrant and crisp visuals, making movie nights a delightful experience.

The TH685i has its unique advantage with the inclusion of Google-certified Android TV, providing endless entertainment options from Android apps, movies, and live sports to music and more. Furthermore, it boasts a low input lag for gaming. While the integrated speaker isn’t the loudest, it delivers good audio quality, but you might want to consider an additional sound system for a more immersive experience. One minor drawback was noted in customer reviews about the contrast ratio, which could make blacks appear slightly grey, but that seems to be a small price to pay for the convenience of inbuilt Android TV and robust performance.


  • Offers bright and clear visuals with 3500 ANSI lumens.
  • Google-certified Android TV provides abundant entertainment options.
  • Boasts a low input lag for smooth gaming.
  • Supports 1080p HDR and is 4K compatible.


  • Blacks may appear slightly grey due to contrast ratio.
  • Audio output could be louder for a fully immersive experience.

BenQ TH685P vs. TH685i Specs:

BenQ TH685PBenQ TH685i
Where to Buy?Check on Amazon
Check on Amazon
Projection SystemDLPDLP
Display Brightness (ANSI lumens)35003500
Native Resolution1080P (1920x1080)1080P (1920x1080)
Resolution SupportVGA (640 x 480) to 4K UHD (3840 x 2160)VGA (640 x 480) to 4K UHD (3840 x 2160)
Native Aspect Ratio16:916:9
Contrast Ratio (FOFO)10,000:110,000:1
Display Color30-bit (1.07 billion colors)30-bit (1.07 billion colors)
Light SourceLampLamp
Light Source LifeNormal 4000 hrs, ECO 10000 hrs, SmartEco 8000 hrs, LampSave 15000 hrsNormal 4000 hrs, ECO 10000 hrs, SmartEco 8000 hrs, LampSave 15000 hrs
Throw Ratio1.127~1.461.127~1.46
Zoom Ratio1.3x1.3x
LensF/#=1.942.07;f=11.915.5 mmF/#=1.942.07;f=11.915.5 mm
Projection Offset (Full-Height)105%105%
Keystone Adjustment1D, (Auto) Vertical ± 40 degrees1D, (Auto) Vertical ± 40 degrees
Rec. 709 Coverage95%95%
Picture Modes3D, Bright, Cinema, Game, HDR, HLG, Living Room, Sports, User 1, User 23D, Bright, Cinema, Game, HDR, HLG, Living Room, Sports, User 1, User 2
Input Lag16.7 ms (1080p@60Hz), 33.4 ms (4K@60Hz) *downscaling to 1080p, 8.3 ms (1080p@120Hz)16.7 ms (1080p@60Hz), 33.4 ms (4K@60Hz) *downscaling to 1080p, 8.3 ms (1080p@120Hz)
I/O InterfaceHDMI in(x2), USB Type A(x1), RS232 in (DB-9pin)(x1)PC in (D-sub 15pin)(x1), HDMI in(x2), USB Type A(x1), RS232 in (DB-9pin)(x1)
Speaker(x1), 5W Chamber(x1), 5W Chamber
Acoustic Noise (Typ./Eco.)(dB)35/29 dB35/29 dB
Dimensions (WxHXD) (inch)12.2 x 4.3 x 8.812.28 x 4.3 x 8.85
Net Weight (lb)6.156.15
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BenQ TH685i vs. TH685P Performance Comparison

Brightness and Contrast

Watching Joker on BenQ TH685i
Image Quality of the BenQ TH685i

Both projectors offer a brightness level of 3500 ANSI lumens, which is impressive for projectors in their category. This means they can deliver clear and vivid images even in rooms with ambient light. Additionally, both have a contrast ratio of 10,000:1, ensuring deep blacks and bright whites for a dynamic viewing experience.

Display Quality and Colors

When it comes to display quality and colors, both the BenQ TH685P and TH685i excel. They have a native resolution of 1080P and support up to 4K UHD content downscaling to 1080p. The display colors feature 30-bit processing, translating to over a billion colors for a vibrant and immersive viewing experience. We noticed that both projectors offer a Rec. 709 coverage of 95%, meaning they can display a wide color gamut accurately, which is essential for film enthusiasts and gamers alike.

Game Mode Performance

Gaming on BenQ TH685P
Playing NBA 2K23 on BenQ TH685P& PS5

As avid gamers, we were thrilled with the low input lag offered by both models. They boast a 16.7ms input lag at 1080p@60Hz and 8.3ms at 1080p@120Hz, which guarantees smooth gameplay without any noticeable delay. Both models offer a Game Mode/Game Sound Mode for fine-tuning audio and images. The PS5 compatibility at 1080p at 120Hz and 4K 2160p at 60Hz makes them ideal for console gaming.

I/O Interface Comparison

The BenQ TH685P features two HDMI inputs (2.0b/HDCP2.2) and one USB Type A port. Unfortunately, it lacks VGA-in or Monitor-Out, unlike the TH685. On the other hand, the BenQ TH685i offers a PC in (D-sub 15pin), two HDMI ports (2.0b/HDCP2.2), and a USB Type A port. The additional PC in port is a handy feature for those wanting to connect their computers directly.

BenQ TH685P connections
1- Audio input
2 – Audio output
3 – HDMI-1
4 – HDMI-2
5 – USB Type A-1
6 – RS-232 port

Acoustic Performance

The integrated 5W Chamber Speakers on both projectors do provide a decent level of sound, but their performance might not satisfy audiophiles or those seeking an immersive audio experience. As is the case with most built-in projector speakers, their output can be somewhat limited. Therefore, we advise supplementing the audio with an external sound system or soundbar for a more robust and rich auditory experience.

Dimensions and Weight

When it comes to dimensions and weight, there’s not much of a difference between the two models. The TH685P measures 12.2 x 4.3 x 8.8 inches and weighs 6.15 lbs, whereas the TH685i measures slightly larger at 12.28 x 4.3 x 8.85 inches but weighs the same.

BenQ TH685i connections
BenQ TH685i connections

Unique Features of TH685P

The TH685P comes with a unique feature that audio enthusiasts will appreciate: an integrated 5-watt speaker by treVolo, complete with an equalizer, providing an enhanced audio experience. This, combined with its overall impressive performance, has earned it favorable customer reviews. Find our more in-depth BenQ TH685P review.

Unique Features of TH685i

The TH685i stands out with its Google-certified Android TV and Google Play store, offering over 5,000+ of the latest Android apps, movies, shows, live sports, games, music, and more. It’s perfect for those who prefer an all-in-one entertainment solution. However, it’s worth noting that Netflix is not natively available on this device. Check our more detailed BenQ TH685i review.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews for the BenQ TH685P are highly positive, with many praising its excellent gaming capabilities, vibrant colors, and high-quality images, even in rooms with ambient light. A common criticism, however, is the projector’s throw distance, which may require a larger screen or repositioning of the projector.

For the BenQ TH685i, customers have praised its excellent image quality, inbuilt Google TV, and sound options. Some users have expressed their dissatisfaction with the grayish black levels and the non-availability of Netflix.

Our Personal Experience

Having tested both devices thoroughly, we were impressed with their overall performance. We found the game mode particularly useful, providing crisp, clear images with no lag. The TH685i’s integrated Android TV stood out for us, as it turned the projector into a complete entertainment system. However, the lack of native Netflix support was a disappointment.

Tips and Tricks

For the best viewing experience, we recommend using these projectors in a darkened room, even though they perform reasonably well in ambient light. This way, you can fully appreciate the rich colors and high contrast levels. Also, while the built-in speakers are adequate, we advise using an external sound system for a more immersive audio experience.

Watching a movie on the BenQ TH685P in a darkened room


Finally, it’s worth noting that both projectors come with BenQ’s 3-year warranty, providing a greater peace of mind with coverage that makes you rest easy knowing their US-based customer service team is always at hand when you need them.


In conclusion, the BenQ TH685P and TH685i projectors both put forth remarkable performance, making them excellent choices for home cinema and gaming experiences. The choice between the two indeed hinges on personal preferences and specific needs. However, after weighing their strengths, we found ourselves favoring the TH685P. Boasting superior audio performance and a streamlined design, the TH685P stands out, even if it lacks a PC input. The TH685i, while offering a comprehensive entertainment package with its Google-certified Android TV, falls slightly short when compared to the overall performance and user feedback of the TH685P. Therefore, despite the neck-to-neck race, we crown the BenQ TH685P as our top pick. It outshines with its performance, customer satisfaction, and the added advantage of being a newer model in the market. Check the Latest Price on BhPhotoVideo!

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