Hisense PX1-PRO Review

Released in January 2022, the PX1-PRO builds off of the impressive image technology that Hisense is known for, with extra touches that make it perfect for a modern home entertainment system. This includes wireless streaming, voice control, and one of the most sophisticated color engines you’ll find in a home theater projector. If you’re considering a home theater upgrade, check out the full features in this Hisense PX1-PRO review to find out if it’s the right model for you (>>> Check on Amazon).

Hisense PX1-PRO Review of Main Specs:

Hisense PX1-PRO
Resolution 3840x2160
Brightness (Lumens) 2,200 ANSI
Contrast Ratio 1,000,000:1
Input Lag 30ms
Throw Distance 1.6' - 2.4'
Screen size 90" - 130"
Speakers 15.0 Watts × 2
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Setup and Throw Distance

The laser phosphor light source used in the PX1-PRO gives it an ultra-short throw distance, producing a 100” image with less than 2 feet of distance. That’s particularly important for smaller spaces and makes it easier to set up even in larger rooms, sparing most the need for ceiling mounts and hardware. Just put it on an entertainment center and turn it on. While it doesn’t have adjustment options like lens shift or zoom, the truth is most don’t need them—if you need to shift the picture, you can just move the projector.

Connecting content sources and other devices to the Hisense PX1-PRO is easy, too. It has 2 HDMI ports along with wireless networking capability for content, as well as 2 USB ports for peripherals. That’s ideal for modern home theaters, though it does lack inputs like VGA or RCA that are still necessary for some gamers and older content devices.

Picture Quality

The PX1-PRO produces a true 4K resolution, with 8.3 million on-screen pixels. Combined with the high dynamic contrast ratio, this brings an incredible level of detail and sharpness to whatever you’re watching. The 2,200-lumen light source maintains full saturation in low to moderate light environments, though it may still be prone to washout in especially bright spaces.

The color performance of the PX1-PRO is equally impressive. Its TriChroma laser exceeds the BT.2020 color space, matching the range of hues you’d see in most movie theaters. Put it in Filmmaker Mode for an even more authentic picture, with no adjustments or processing artifacts, so you can see shows and movies the way they were meant to be viewed.



  • True 4K resolution with high dynamic contrast
  • Exceptional color performance (107% of BT.2020 space)
  • Game Mode with low input lag and ALLM
  • Smooth on-screen movement for games and movies
  • Android TV interface with Alexa and Google voice control
  • Powerful, clear sound with Dolby Atmos
  • Ultra-short throw distance


  • No VGA or RCA inputs
  • May not be bright enough for use in well-lit spaces

Gaming Performance

In Game Mode, the input lag of the Hisense PX1-PRO measures around 30ms. That’s low enough for most gamers, especially since it utilizes Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) technology to optimize the performance. Check comparison versus Hisense L9G.


The two 15-watt speakers built-in to the Hisense PX1-PRO have enough power to produce an immersive listening experience that matches the quality of the visuals. They’re backed by Dolby Atmos sound support to ensure the accuracy of the sound signal and ensure a balanced, full sound throughout the frequency range. The result is crystal clear dialogue and powerful, immersive music and sound effects.

Smart Features

Hisense PX1-PRO connections

The Android TV interface on the PX1-PRO lets you stream content directly from a host of popular streaming services, including Prime Video, YouTube, and HBOMax. For smart home owners, it supports voice control through either Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, and also as a network input for more involved home automation and networking set-ups.

Hisense PX1-PRO Review: In Summary

The versatility of the Hisense PX1-PRO is one of the things that makes it so impressive. Its performance is equally strong for watching movies or playing games, with superior built-in sound to most home theater projectors and features like voice control and direct streaming that are increasingly necessary for a well-connected home theater. While its brightness is a bit low, the short throw distance maximizes the light output and prevents washout in most indoor light environments. There’s certainly a lot to love about the PX1-PRO! We hope this review has helped you decide if it’s the best fit for your home (>>> Check on ProjectorScreen).